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BUSINESS NEWS– Majority of women in the workforce feel suppressed by their gender

Posted 12th March 2020 • Written by •

This is disappointing data, especially coming so soon after International Women’s Day. We’re bucking the trend at People First with more than 75% of our recruitment management roles held by women.

More than half, or 54%, of female professionals across the global workforce feel their gender has suppressed opportunities at some point in their careers, according to a survey from Morgan McKinley.

Morgan McKinley surveyed 2,500 global employees with respondents from Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and the UK. 

While 54% of women feel their gender has suppressed opportunities to progress in the workplace, the figure for men pales in comparison at 18%.

The perceptions of whether respondents think genders are paid equally further highlights how differently men and women feel with 61% of men saying they think male and female employees are paid equally at their current employer, yet 28% of women think salaries are equal.

Across the eight locations of Australia, Canada, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Singapore and the UK, it was found that the UK had the highest percentage (40%) who felt employers don’t do enough to address the gender inequality issue within the workplace. In addition, the UK came joint worst (with Singapore) in terms of perception of whether male and female employees are paid equally at their companies at 34%. 

In Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, and the UK, less than half of respondents feel there are equal opportunities for women and men in their organisation. In only Mainland China (59%) and Singapore (54%), the majority believe female and male employees are on a level playing field for opportunities at work.

“The route to both achieving gender equality in the workplace, and ensuring those within businesses feel there is a commitment to this, is a deep-rooted issue which is clearly still some way off from being completely rectified,” Morgan McKinley stated. “This research suggests companies have progressed, but it’s worrying to learn that there isn’t a level playing field in terms of equal career development opportunities.”


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