Career Success Tips

Okay, you wrote the perfect CV 
You got an interview 
Which you prepared for here 
And, you got the job. Well done! 
But now what?

Now you’ve got to handle your first day. Maybe your first day as a manager.
Then in a few months you’ll have your appraisal and will ask for a payrise.
How to deal with all of this, be a success AND stay happy?

Click the links below and we’ll help you through the next big steps in your career:

A New Job, First Impressions & Introductions

A Simple Way to Introduce Yourself
How to make a great first impression when you on-board for that new job

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Success at Work

5 Habits To Make You More Successful At Work
The Top 5 Things To Lose To Improve Your Career

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Life/Career Improvements

4 ways to respond when ‘manterrupted’ at work
3 Posture Tips To Improve Mental Clarity, Job Productivity And Career Success

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Performance Reviews/Appraisals

3 things to do when you receive a bad performance review - instead of getting defensive

30+ Questions That’ll Help You Get the Most Out of Your Performance Review
5 Steps To Deal With A Bad Performance Review

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Career Development & Promotion 

Ready To Ask For A Promotion? Don’t Make These 5 Tragic Mistakes
Ask These 5 Questions to Decide Your Next Career Move

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Presentations & Public Speaking

What 75+ Webinars Taught Me About Delivering Online Presentations For The New World Of Work
3 simple strategies to conquer your public speaking nerves

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3 things you must do as a first-time manager to be a great leader
How To Help Your Team Set Goals—And Crush Them

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New Salary

6 Tips To Negotiate Your Salary With Confidence—And Get What You're Worth
How to ask for a pay rise (and get it)

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Older Jobseekers

How To Get Hired After 50
Six tips for getting a job if you're over 50

Social Media

Social Media Screening: A Candidate’s Saucy Joke May Have Cost Them a Job
Stop Screening Job Candidates’ Social Media


Add A LinkedIn Background Photo To Distinguish Yourself
The Super Simple Guide To Maximizing LinkedIn For Your Career