CV Tips

There is no such thing as a perfect CV, but below are tips and articles on how to write your version. Click here for more details.

General Tips

43 Best Resume Tips for Landing a Job
5 Things To Add To Your Resume

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Update/Tidy your CV

How to write the bullet points on your résumé in order to stand out
4 Strategies To Declutter Your Resume
5 Signs That You Need To Update Your Resume

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Don't make these Mistakes

CV Red Flags: 5 Warning Signs Employers Look For
17 things (plus one extra) to NOT Put in Your CV (and why)
3 résumé mistakes that can sabotage your job application

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Cover Letters

A Cover Letter – To Write Or Not To Write?
7 Cover Letter Words and Phrases That Are Costing You the Job

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CV Gaps

Are we done with the CV gap taboo?

CV Length

How Far Back Should A Resume Go?
Is a Two-Page Resume Ever OK?

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Linkedin Tips

5 Secrets To A LinkedIn Profile
7 Linkedin Blunders to Avoid

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Beat the Robots!

5 Tips To Beat The Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Changes To The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Can Block Your Resume From Being Seen

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Your Age

CV ageism: Can you be the 'wrong’ age for a job?