It's not about What we do.
Or about How we do it.
It's about Why We Recruit.

Here's why:

“Being a foreigner, it is not easy to look for a similar banking job here as my home country. With the help from Maidina and Rui, I successfully got a bank offer. I would highly recommend them to my compatrients" Matthew

“I would highly recommend this people First Recruitment. Very quick response to my application and they kept me up to date with every stage of the process. Very recently I got a great new role thanks to their fantastic services. I would highly recommend this company to all my family and friends. Special thank you to Zoe and Matt for their professional approach." Michael

“Ivy Wu and Ian are very professional and helpful. They try their best to help employers to find suitable positions and arrange all interviews to make sure everything goes smoothly. Really appreciate all that you did for me, thanks again!." Boya

“People First has a strong client base which provide many job opportunities to candidates. Agents are very professional and patient in the whole job searching process, provide a lot of useful suggestions to improve the interview performance." Wincy

“I had Maidina helping me finding my job, she was very helpful and patient, everything goes well with her. I would definitely recommend her if anyone needs their help. Many thanks." Ruizhe

“I had a great experience in People first. Maidina and Yueyue Wang are very professional and supportive. It’s definitely lead me to a better role and a better job. I’m very appreciative it. Many thanks to people first." Gabby

“I could not recommend enough People First Recruitment, they are very professional, helpful and help you all the way throughout to make sure you are successful on your next job interview. Thank you again Maidina for all your support in helping me to work in my dream job." Vanessa

“Kind and thorough service. The team was very dedicated and thoughtful for the candidates. I am happy to land in a good workplace thanks to People First. Highly recommended." Paris

“The whole team, especially Maidina, was very helpful, keeping me up to date with any news from the company and answering my questions in a timely manner. I am very grateful to Maidina and the team for all their efforts for me, very professional and excellent service." RH

“Excellent experience with professional and warmest service. Highly recommend to everyone. Thanks to Komuro-san for the amazing support." Wai Kwan

“I had a great experience with People First. Zoe and Matt were very friendly, supportive and professional from the outset. I’m impressed by the responsive updates from the first call and interviews, through to the first day of work. The team helped me to secure a great role within one week of the first interview. It was a pleasure working with People First. Many thanks to Zoe for all the great support! I would definitely recommend them to anyone seeking a new supply chain role" Aaron

“Ivy and Ian are professional, reliable and responsive. It was an amazing experience and it is definitely my pleasure to have Ivy and Ian helping on the journey. With their professional support and construction advice throughout the recruitment process, I've successfully matched with the job I desired for. I would recommend Ivy and Ian for sure! Thank you again for your assistance in the journey. Cheers!" Gloria

“Much appreciated all the support throughout my journey to a new job. It would not been possible without people first recruitment." Yeon Hee

“People First is a wonderful platform for bilingual/multilingual job seekers. It has valuable employer resource and provides high quality positions. Kathie from the Team China is amazing and I've successfully started my journey in the UK. Many thanks to her efforts and time!! Really appreciate everything you've done for me, wish you all the best in the new year!" Anonymous

“I give Rui Jiang and People-First a big thank you as they gave a great help on my career journey, they assisted to land my dream job with great professionalism and consistent hard work!! Rui is very professional and detailed-focus on the suitable roles for candidates, she is super helpful and I would definitely highly recommend her and People-First service to anyone who's seeking for the new job." Y Li

“Rui is so helpful and professional. She helped me through the whole process. She gave me suggestions and useful tips before the interview. I am so appreciative. I will give 5 out of 5 for her. Huge thanks!" Ken

“The Japan Team (Tokumaru san & Sakurai san) is very professional and experienced. They respond very fast and show respect to every candidate. Thanks to their help and efforts, I have a few interviews arranged and got an offer." Carrie

“I've had a wonderful experience with People First from start to finish. They've helped me secure one of first jobs after graduating and I've been really impressed by their support and professionalism. I would definitely recommend them to any young professional looking for a job." Isabel

“Zoe was very helpful, we discussed about what I was looking for in my next position. She informed me about this particular role and guided me through the specifications. She promptly responded to any updates on the role I had applied for. I was in contact with her for 2 weeks and now I have been offered a job which is relevant to my education and past experience. I highly recommend Zoe if any one wants to finds a job in procurement, supply chain and logistics sector." Bhushan

“I can feel their professionalism through the job introduction process. They're provide a lot different opinions and practise. Sincerely recommend to everyone who need to find a job in UK." Tsui

“お仕事の紹介をありがとうございました。 こちらの質問と要望を雇用者に調整し上手く伝えて頂きまして、 色々アドバイスを頂いた上、とても良い結果となりました。 感謝致します。" ジェイ
" Thank you very much for helping me to find the job.
You did great work coordinating with the employer and asking them for my questions and requests. You gave me a lot of advice which helped me too. Thank you very much." Jay

“Highly recommended and trustworthy." Mohamad

“I must thank the help of the People First, very friendly and warm staff who provide professional service and provide useful advice and tips that are your success. I am personally grateful for their help. 100% can help you, strongly recommend you!" Jon

“Ivy is very professional and responsive, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for finding out the opportunity and reached out to me in a timely and professional manner. People first is quite good and I'm glad they found me, there's nothing negative I could say about them unless you count too responsive as one" Cissie

“I’ve received very professional service from PeopleFirst. Kathie from China Team worked proactively and provided me excellent opportunities and advices. Strongly recommend PeopleFirst to any jobseekers." Anonymous

“Ivy and the team at People First Recruitment were truly fantastic during the entire process; very professional, attentive and supportive."Justin

“Excellent experience finding a job with People First. Very friendly and enthusiastic staff in there providing professional service, helpful advice are given from the beginning of creating the CV to the last point of the interview. I personally really appreciate the help from them. Absolutely 5 stars and 100% recommended! Good luck everyone finding a job!." Rijun

“People First provides excellent suggestions and advice not only on recruitment but also on the accommodation and other living matters to overseas candidate like me especially Luna and Ivy’s team. I would make recommendations to anyone who are finding jobs in UK." Benny

“However much I wish we didn’t have turnover & all our colleagues could grow to their full & happiest potential, it makes a huge difference having you there for when we need. It is always an absolute pleasure working with you and your team and can only thank you for all your success, support & indeed your patience when I/we are running round like headless chickens as what we thought we had been building gets a bit wobbly!" General Manager, Electronics Manufacturer

“Ivy was very helpful and responsive, she recommended the most relevant roles guiding me through the process from start to finish. I definitely recommend People first recruitment for those who are looking for jobs or looking to move into the next stage of their career." ChunLong

“Thank you very much. Mathew was helpful, he provided me with all the information I needed in order to get a new job. Communication was excellent, I definitely recommend people’s first recruitment. " Abisola

“Luna from the China Team is amazing and I eventually landed a job (after applying to more than 100 jobs elsewhere all over the UK and Europe) in London, thanks to her help!! Really appreciate everything :) " Jessica

“People First gave me great help in hiring talented people. Yoko perfectly understands our needs and has introduced us to wonderful candidates every time we asked. She has great business insights on human resources and kindly helped us with a variety of matters and gave us warm support. I also need to mention that I have learned lots of useful information through People First’s seminars. I would like to continue to use People First as our strong busines partner in recruitment. " Director, Media Co.

“Amazing, helpful staff who supported me through the entire process. Definitely recommend." Harriet

“Rui from the China team has been very responsive and helpful during the process. She provided me with useful advice for my interview preparation and followed up my application closely with the company. Highly recommended." Veronica

“I am very grateful for their professionalism in providing me with helpful advice from the beginning to the end." Judy

“The China team has been very responsive and helpful throughout the whole process. wonderful experience!" Terence

“I was extremely impressed by their proactive approach and committing attitudes, the team has followed through my employment opportunities from the first testing call until my first working day, I was well taken care on all the details, their communications with me and the recruiter were superb. Ivy and Kathie were both very dedicated and hard working. I have been being updated on every single stages along the way. The supports they have given me were exceptional, because they truly have a wealth of knowledge on various industries and experienced in the recruitment process. Their insightful comments and constructive advices were not only helpful but also inspiring, which have helped me realised my abilities and landed on an amazing job that I didn't expect I would be able to ace. Thank you again and for the mentioned reasons above, People First Recruitment definitely earns my recommendation." Hank

“People First's consultants are very dedicated. They helped to modify my CV and also gave me lots of advice for interview. Additionally lots of study material to prepare for the interview. Without their help, I will not be able to get a very good job in this kind of difficult time. Really appreciate their support." Alina

“I have great experience with Team China (Ian & Luna) who has shared with me their insights for the job market and valuable career advice. It means a lot in during an uncertain time. I would highly recommend People First and their services." A Team China Candidate

“They are helpful, supportive, quick response and professional. They have good connections in different industry sectors, and many job opportunities at all times." Norman

“I wanted to give a huge thank you to Maidina for her amazing assistance and hard work for helping me securing a job during these unprecedented times. Maidina was extremely professional and attentive in guiding me through each individual stage of the recruitment process, I have received updates and information in a timely manner, and she even took the extra time to send me a nice "good luck" text the day before each interview. I really felt supported and encouraged at all times, and I can ensure you that in this climate where a lot of recruiters probably overwhelmed, failed to demonstrate empathy and care, Maidina was an absolute star. I could have not being luckier to have a recruiter like Maidina, and I will recommend her to anyone looking for a job:)!” Sandra

“Since People first helped me, I have grown a lot within the company. Right now I have moved from middle/back office position to front office role. The company has sponsored me getting FRM certificate. My package has been updated 2 times within 3 years. Sincerely, I would like to thank you for offering me the opportunity 3 yrs ago.” Qian

"The staff were really helpful and very professional. Honestly they're so great that it could not be compared to any other agents. Highly recommended!" Hana

"I have successfully join the comapny under the help of Luna Jin.
She is helpful, efficient and professional, I am very glad that she helped me to find the dream job." Tony

"Hi Maidina and Luna, How are you? It was nice talking to you. I really love your energy and sparks. I do appreciate your help, and I wish to receive more job opportunities from you. I feel the profesionalism demonstrated throughout my contact with People First Team China. Please feel free to contact me anytime regarding any other position. Thank you very much." Inés

"I got my current job through people first. I wanted to keep up my Japanese after returning to London and they were really helpful, telling me about my options. Full of useful advice pre and post interview. Even checked on my progress once I'd started. Couldn't recommend highly enough." Emma

"Supportive, professional, proactive. PeopleFirst (specifically Shuji) helped me find an amazing job that takes advantage of my languages and experience. The initial application, interview prep and contract negotiation, Shuji assisted me from start to finish. I highly recommend this recruitment agency." Iyke

"They are the most efficient and loveliest agency I ever had the pleasure to deal with. Always on track, giving incredible preparations, always there when you need them. Shoutout to Ivy and Ian who were a massive help!" Michaela

"Dear Luna, Thank you for all your assistance in our recruitment process. We have been impressed by you (we like people that move fast!) and the candidates that you presented. All the candidates were strong, but we are delighted to offer xxxxxx the position."  CEO – international accounting firm     

"I would like to thank you and your team for your help throughout the recruitment process and for providing a first-class service." Electra

"People First helped me building a career within a world-class company, and i have to say the whole experience was exceptional; the transition from my previous job was totally trouble-free. 
Thanks to People First I'm about to start a new, exciting working experience, and all at People First have been helpful and supportive through the initial phases.
The quality of the services People First offer is outstanding, would recommend to friends and colleagues."Fabrizio

"People First is one of our most active recruiters, always very resourceful when asked to provide candidates, even at short notice. They are very professional and fast arranging interviews, being aware of and sensitive to our urgencies and deadlines. Also, it is a pleasure for us to work with People First as they are polite and have a kind, collaborative, service oriented and respectful approach."Customer Support Manager, Leading markets operator

"I have been using the services of People First for a number of years, and I have always found them to be very professional in screening and matching candidates to our requirements.
I would highly recommend their company to anyone wishing to get a personal service and speedy action for all their recruitment needs."Finance Director, Organic Food Co.

"I take the opportunity to thank you very much and to give a feedback about your job, which has been amazing. I have dealt with many agencies in Italy and United Kingdom, but you have been the best operator I have worked with! You've been present and kind without being pushy and I appreciated a lot your professionalism and punctuality. I was thinking of writing these few lines despite the result of the interview, of course. Many thanks again!" Sofia

"I am very pleased with how things went over 2 years ago when I had just arrived in the UK, looking for a new start.
I was having difficulties seeing clearly through all the advertised jobs - London is a very busy place – and I was getting a bit overwhelmed, unconvinced I would end up with the type of roles I wanted.
But then, People First contacted me, and I knew from our first meeting that I finally had someone on my side, believing in me and actually looking into my experience, skills & personality to target what would be of interest to me. 
It all went very quickly.
2 interviews.
2 offers.
I only had to choose my favourite!
Very happy about the whole process, would do it again in a heartbeat. " Emilie

"I would like to express my appreciation towards you and your team’s massive effort in sourcing the candidates for us. Having worked with different agencies, People First is the only agency who takes on our feedback and continues to send us CVs despite our particular requirements and rejections. Thank you so much for your dedication. We are very grateful for your support" Manager, Financial Services Co.

"Thank you so much for keeping me updated, you certainly are the best agent I've ever known."Diana

"...I am very happy for how things turned out. I also want to mention once again how impressed I am with all your good work. Other agencies seemed not to be as helpful as I believe they should be, while everybody at PeopleFirst was always friendly, helpful and what is important you were always replying to my e-mails. I will definitely recommend PeopleFirst to other people who know languages and looking for a job."Robert

"We rely upon People First's genuine understanding of our company's needs and their personal knowledge of the candidates' expectations. We believe that they take great care to always ensure a good match, leading to efficient recruitment and long-term, stable employees."HR Manager, Trading Co.

"We consistently receive an excellent service from the staff at People First. They are always friendly and helpful but, more importantly, they understand our business and we can have confidence that they know the kind of staff we are looking for. Consequently we receive quality CVs, which are matched to our specification rather than the unfortunate experiences often associated with agencies."HR Officer, Major Steel Co

"I came across People First on the internet. It was really easy to log in and submit my CV on-line, and it was shortly after that, that I was invited for an interview with them. I met the team, and specified my interests to them. My consultant kept in regular contact, and offered me some interesting opportunities. One was for a well known pharmaceutical company, who had a position matching my experience and interests; what more can you ask for? I have now been working for over a year with the company, and am very happy. I would recommend them; they are honest and try their best to find you the right job."Aleksandra

"I have to say that meeting with the team at People First was a refreshing experience compared to meetings with other agencies I've dealt with in the past. I felt as if there was a keen interest in the person behind the qualifications."Karl

"I would like to start by saying how personal the whole service has been. I wasn't treated like a number; People First actually listened to me and seemed genuinely interested in my aspirations, presenting me with options to suit them. I have always been able to get hold of my consultant at a moment's notice. Furthermore, they were proactive and contacted me with information that I didn't know I needed. I would recommend People First to anyone who wants to get things happening promptly, yet in a personable way."David