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THE NEW NORMAL-5 Ways Companies Are Making Their Remote Candidate Experience Stand Out

Posted 15th May 2020 • Written by •

For companies that are currently hiring, providing an exceptional candidate experience may look a little different than it used to. In the age of social distancing, in-person coffee chats, on-site interviews, and lunches with the team are no longer an option. As a result, many companies are finding new ways to make their candidates feel valued — or creative ways of recreating these familiar interactions from afar.  

If you’re looking for ways to make your own candidate experience stand out right now, we’ve rounded up five examples of things companies are doing to provide a great candidate experience remotely. Some of these practices were already in place before social distancing, but they translate seamlessly to an online-only experience — and may make it easier to hire remote candidates now and in the future. 

1. Giving candidates a virtual office tour 

According to a LinkedIn survey, the number one way candidates want to learn about your company culture is through an office visit. But because bringing candidates to the office is not an option right now, some companies are flipping the script and bringing the office to potential hires in the form of a virtual tour. 

Constellation Pharmaceuticals, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, sends its office tour video to candidates before their interview. It even highlights various members of the team as the camera passes, letting candidates know who they are and what they do:

Along the way, candidates also get a feel for the company culture, with the camera focusing on things like the team’s food-themed photo wall and the “Constellation Kids” picture board. And since the video is filmed from a first-person perspective, it helps candidates visualize working there. 

Of course, not every company has a pre-recorded video in its back pocket from before coronavirus made it difficult (if not impossible) to film one. However, cloud monitoring company Datadog found an ingenious way around this — piecing together tours of its various offices from photos and videos taken by employees over the years. Here’s a look inside the Dublin office:

“[We wanted] to give candidates a true feel for #datadoglife,” Riley Stefano, Datadog’s recruitment marketing manager, explained on LinkedIn.

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