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THE NEW NORMAL Tips To Grow Professionally While Working From Home

Posted 16th September 2020 • Written by People First •

When we were told we had to WFH, we wanted to go to the office, now we have to go back to the office, we don’t want to stop WFH!
Even if you have to go back to the office part time here are tips to continue making WFH work for you.

Promote yourself

Make sure the people that matter are aware of your current projects and accomplishments.
In group meetings, share your or your team’s activities and how you have set and exceeded goals. You can also ask your manager for a performance review or an informal check-in.

Keep your network alive

Seek opportunities to give recognition to employees or co-workers who are doing great work. This can be a massive boost to your team morale and culture.
Some companies have built-in features on their internal networks called Kudos and Shoutouts to provide a forum for co-workers to celebrate one another.
Celebrating your team members in different ways shows that you are a strong and supportive manager or collaborator.

Invest in learning

One significant benefit that employees gain through working from home is that they no longer have to commute to work.
A recent survey showed that, on average, remote employees said they had an extra 17 days’ worth of free time as a result.
If you find yourself with spare time, don’t waste it by staying in bed or answering more emails.
Instead, dedicate yourself to personal and professional development.
Enroll in an online course or find a podcast to help you grow and learn.
Read more career development books. And once you’ve read them, share those learnings with your boss and co-workers.
Try Upskilling, we have many ideas here on our website, it will be good for your mental health and could be good for your career too.

Step up and seize opportunity

Every company is struggling right now to get by with fewer resources.
Find areas where you can make a more significant impact or contribution.
Look for opportunities to grow professionally while offering added value to the company.
Follow the advice above by Investing in Learning; if you learn skills that your company needs it can be a huge benefit to your career.
This mindset will not only position you as a team player but will also allow you to stretch yourself in new areas.

Working from home doesn't need to impede your professional development.
By adopting and embracing a growth mindset, you’ll be able to uncover opportunities that you never thought were possible.


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