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Posted 6th February 2020 • Written by People First •

Job Interview Tips

Why Do You Want to Work For This Company?

1.Focus on the company.

Show them what you know about them so they can see you are interested enough to have done your research.

And show them why that research makes them unique and makes them stand out as the one you want to work for.

You should be able to give a different and specific answer to every company that ever asks you this question, so you can make them feel special and unique.

You can talk about the company’s business success, market share, awards, etc., and also about how it has grown and developed over time so they can see you understand its history and trajectory.

You could also talk about its company culture, team spirit, etc. as a great place to learn and develop together.

You may need to do research beyond just the job spec and company website, and look at industry websites, even sites like glassdoor to learn what others say about them.

2. Show why you’re a good fit –now.


Focus on what the company and job need and why you have the experience or qualifications or knowledge to help them. You can do this by studying the job spec and seeing what the essential and desirable skills are and outlining your different qualities.


3. Show why you’re a good fit – in the future.


If you think ahead then you can also show them that you’ve considered not just their history but where they can go in the future. You can talk about areas of their business that can grow, new opportunities and markets, etc. and how you can contribute.

This also, importantly, makes them feel you plan to stay with them long term


4. Get Personal


If you know someone working there, you can mention your relationship with that person and all the positive things they have said, or maybe you have met an employee at an event, whose enthusiasm and knowledge impressed you.


In summary, using these in your answer will help show that you have spent time studying the job and company, which shows your enthusiasm and interest, and gives you a chance to list your skills and experience and how they are valuable to the company now and in the years to come.

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