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JOB INTERVIEW TIPS-How Would Your Boss or Colleagues Describe You?

Posted 26th May 2020 • Written by People First •

How Would Your Boss or Colleagues Describe You?

This isn't the kind of question that gets asked in every interview, but it's still pretty common, so it's good to spend some time thinking about your answer.

And it should be easy, because you get to say good things about yourself.

One thing to not do, as with answering the question "Tell me about your weaknesses", is say "My boss would tell you I'm wonderful and perfect!" The interviewer has probably heard that response a million times...

Here's what you can say instead:


If your current or recent employer conducts employee performance reviews / appraisals (if they don't, they should be!), then you can use that in your answer. 

You can point out specifically that it's not what you think your boss would say but it's what s/he actually did say about you just a month ago. You could even quote from the appraisal.


As with other interview questions, you can give examples from your career/experience that show how you used those skills/qualities that you want to describe.

If you want to tell the interviewer that your boss thinks your organised, then relate an example that demonstrates that. You can do this for any skill/quality, etc., whether it be you being organised, a leader, a good team player, showing attention to detail, etc.

This tactic, of giving a specific example, is a very useful way to answer lots of interview questions, so prepare beforehand.


But, even if you can't think of/remember examples in detail, at least think of three positive adjectives about yourself and a quick explanation of why they would choose that word. 

Don't just say "confident, organised and hard working".

Say "confident because I'm not afraid to speak to clients to solve problems; organised - I plan my day and week carefully with a to-do list, and hard working because I am prepared to put in extra hours in my own time when necessary to complete a project."

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