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JAPAN-Majority favour working from home, survey finds

Posted 6th July 2020 • Written by •

The majority, 79%, of people in Japan who have worked from home amid the new coronavirus outbreak are in favour of this work style, pointing to benefits including reduced commuting time, according to a survey from Japan-based staffing agency Staff Service.

The survey showed that 79% of respondents were in favour of teleworking, with 32% saying it was ‘good’ and 47% saying it was ‘relatively good’.

Meanwhile, the proportion of people who found the working from home ‘relatively bad’ came to 17.5% and 4% said it was ‘bad’.

The poll covered 400 office workers aged between 20 to 50 who started working from home after Covid-19 became widespread in the country.

Asked to name good things about teleworking, with multiple answers allowed, 79.0% said they can effectively use the commuting time saved, while 37.5% said they have less stress.

Approximately 30% said teleworking makes it easier to keep a good balance between work and household duties, and about the same proportion said the work style allows more time to spend with their families.

Asked about problems linked to teleworking, 47% cited lack of physical activities, and 45% said they have less communication with their colleagues. Meanwhile, 40% complained about not being able to use paper documents.

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