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INTERVIEW TIPS - Not So Common Interview Questions You Should Be Asking: Setting Yourself Up To Be A Successful New Hire

Posted 9th November 2021 • Written by Heather V. MacArthur on •

When it comes to interviews, most articles and books are written with a focus on how to sell yourself and make a great impression to the hiring decision makers. However, the interview is equal parts audition and research. You are also looking to understand whether this role is setting you up for success. Those first 90 days of a new hire experience is a critical time to navigate a great deal of change, forge new relationships and deliver results.

Below are some key questions you can use during the interview process to set the tone of a two-way interview, as well as set your new hire experience up for greater success.


What is the onboarding process for a new hire in the position you are hiring for?

This isn’t meant to be a test for the employer but it can tell you a great deal of what to expect your first few days. The answer could be anything from a full-fledged orientation and scheduled buddy system for your first few months on the job to simply being thrown into the job. You decide whether you like the level of process and protocol around how new hires are brought into the organization.


What level of ‘hit the ground running’ are they looking for?

One of the biggest issues that crops up in the first 90 days is a lack of alignment around what an acceptable learning curve looks like for the new hire. It’s nobody’s fault but this topic is rarely clarified at the outset. It tends to come up as a gap in expectations starts to crystalize. Know that some hiring managers are looking to hire readiness off the shelf. With the use of consultants and contract workers, many have lost sight of what it means for an internal new hire to acclimate into a regular job position. If they’re expecting you to jump in day one, you’ll want to know that.

Which behaviors sets someone up for success the first 90 days?

This has to do with understanding if they are looking for you to build relationships first, get to know the culture or if they are looking to hear ideas and decisions from you early on. This is especially critical if you are stepping into a leadership position.

How will they know whether they hired the right person or not in the first 90 days?

This question is a great way to help the hiring manager clarify what they’re really looking for. The job description is often a general layout of all the things they are hoping to solve for. By asking this question you can get to the heart of what matters most to them. It also gives you a sense of what the hiring manager values most and how that lines up with what matters most to you.


What kind of support is available to help a new hire navigate the team and company’s culture and processes?

A common reason given for why someone isn’t succeeding in their new role is that they just haven’t figured out how to ‘settle into the company’s unique culture.’ What that really means is that the new hire’s way of engaging with others has stepped on some toes.

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