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INTERVIEW TIPS - How To Avoid Making The Top 5 Virtual Interview Faux Pas

Posted 6th December 2022 • Written by Amy Blaschka on •

Here’s how to avoid making the top five virtual interview deal-breakers:

1. Make eye contact and pay attention

The number one complaint among potential employers is when candidates avoid eye contact or stare into space. A lack of eye contact signals that you’re disinterested or distracted, so make a point to focus on your device’s camera. In addition, close out extra tabs, silence notifications, and remove anything from your view (including your phone) that could pull your attention away from your interviewer.

2. Tidy up your space

And speaking of being distracted, make sure that everything behind you is a mess-free zone by opening up your video call app and ensuring everything within your screen is spic and span. Sitting in a messy room while conducting a virtual interview increases the chance that your interviewer will focus more on your piles of paper and dirty laundry than they will on you and what you have to say. Plus, it sends a message that you don’t care about how you present yourself or don’t value the potential employer enough to tidy up.


3. Close out all inappropriate tabs and apps

No one—especially a potential employer—wants to see extracurricular activities and interests on your laptop. Leaving inappropriate tabs or apps open when screen-sharing is a huge no-no for virtual interviews, so close out all non-interview-related windows before starting.


4. Skip the “fun” backgrounds

You know that hilarious Zoom background you use while chatting with your buddies? Don’t dare use it while interviewing. Ditto, anything you think is clever or cute. Using an unprofessional background is high on the list of potential employer turnoffs, so be sure to use a neutral background or none at all.


5. Make your interview space a “no-interruptions” zone

If you’re interviewing from a shared environment (aka your living room), take the time to alert others that you’ll need a quiet space for the duration of the interview. And if required, get temporary help to watch young children and control pets. Being interrupted by your family members is a mistake easily avoided with proper planning.

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