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INTERVIEW TIPS - 3 Ways to Talk About How Your Boss and Coworkers Would Describe You

Posted 5th September 2022 • Written by Lily Zhang on •

1. Quote a performance review.

The easiest way to answer “How would your boss describe you?” is to paraphrase a recent positive performance review. By referencing specifically where you’re getting your information, it’ll be easier to describe yourself as “trustworthy, dedicated, and creative” without cringing.

Example answers to “How would your boss describe you?” that reference official performance reviews:

“In my most recent performance review in April, my direct supervisor described me as someone who takes initiative and doesn’t shy away from hard problems.

“In my past performance reviews, my bosses have always highlighted how good I am at accounting for different individual preferences and building in contingencies if things go wrong.

2. Tell a story and share the takeaways.

Another way to answer this question is to start off with a story and conclude it with how your boss or coworkers would describe you. Since the inquiry is pretty open-ended, this is a great opportunity for you to share an experience or skill you know the hiring manager is looking for but haven’t had the chance to bring up yet.

Example answers to “How would your boss or coworkers describe you?” that tell stories:

“I think that my boss and coworkers would both describe me as a patient problem solver. I’m often the one they go to when they’re dealing with a particularly angry customer. For example, I once walked into the building and was immediately flagged down by a colleague who brought me to where my supervisor was being yelled at by a customer. My supervisor looked so happy to see me as I started to speak with the customer. Even though it took about 10 minutes of calmly going over his options and explaining the benefits of each, I was able to sell them an additional product that solved his issue and he left happy.”

3. Name three positive traits with short examples for each.

Coming up with stories can be tricky when you’re asked on the spot (which is why you should always have a few of them prepared). If you just can’t think of anything, here’s another approach. Try to think of three positive traits you bring to your work or workplace. Then, mention a short example after each. Your interviewer might even phrase this question as, “What are three words your boss would use to describe you?” or similar.

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