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Posted 24th October 2019 • Written by People First •

Job Interview Tips-How to Make Sure Your Next Boss Is Not a Bad Boss!

If you're looking for a new job and going to interviews it might be because you're sick of your current boss/workplace.

To help you avoid going into the same environment in a new job here are questions you can ask in your interview.

Don't just listen to the answer, also assess body language, etc., to get a feel for how honest they seem in their answer

If they don't allow you to ask questions, maybe you shouldn't take the job...


If the Interviewer Is Your Future Boss

1. How Would You Describe Your Ideal Employee?

Make sure your personality fits what the interviewer says he/she wants, or there might be a personality clash from the start.

2. What’s the Process for Reviewing and Evaluating Employees?

You want to know that they assess you, and help you make, progress. If they have nothing in place, maybe they don't care about you.

3. How Long Has Your Current Team Been in Place?

A good way to know if other people are happy there.

4. How Would Your Team Describe Your Management Style?

A difficult question for a junior/fresh graduate to ask, but if you're senior enough, don't be afraid.

They may ask you what your manager/friends would say about you.

5. How Do You help Build team spirit

This is a good way to get know how they value work-life balance, how they reward and acknowledge the team


If the Interviewer Works With Your Future Boss

1. What’s His/Her Management Style Like?

2. What’s the Best thing about (the job) working With [the boss/the company]?

3. How Would You Describe the Team Culture?

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