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Do you have some, or all, of the 15 top soft skills sought by employers?

Posted 22nd November 2022 • Written by •

“Soft skills” are as important for a candidate’s success in the interview process as technical skills and qualifications, according to recruitment firm Michael Page, which listed the top 15 soft skills employers seek.

It also found in a survey that 77% of people involved in hiring for their workplace said they are looking for more than technical skills and qualifications when interviewing candidates.

“The pandemic really drove home the importance of soft skills and taught businesses how crucial it is to invest in a workforce that possesses more than just technical ability,” said Doug Rode, UK and Ireland managing director at Michael Page.

“Too often, candidates talk themselves out of applying for a certain job because they worry they don’t have every single skill, but this research clearly shows that employers are willing to overlook that for the right candidate,” Rode said. “It’s easy to upskill once someone is in role, but traits like teamwork, empathy and friendliness are crucial attributes that you can’t necessarily teach.”

The 15 top soft skills sought by employers are:

  1. Communication
  2. Willingness to learn
  3. Teamwork
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Problem solving
  6. Friendliness
  7. Flexibility
  8. Respectfulness
  9. Self-confidence
  10. A sense of humour
  11. Sincerity
  12. Empathy
  13. Growth mindset
  14. The ability to own up to something they don’t know
  15. Selflessness

Michael Page’s survey included more than 1,000 people involved in hiring for their workplace.

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