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BUSINESS NEWS - UK hiring 'increased 6% in October'

Posted 4th December 2020 • Written by •

Hiring increased in the UK by almost 6% from September to October, according to new data from LinkedIn's Workforce Report. The number of people being hired is still about 10% below last year’s levels, but the figure is gradually rebounding and currently stands at its highest point since Covid-19-related lockdowns were enforced back in March. 

The data also revealed:

  • Hiring in the legal industry increased 42% from September to October, while media and communications experienced a rise of 41% and finance 24%.
  • Retail and recreation and travel both experienced decreases in hiring over the same period, with the hiring rate falling 0.1% and 1%, respectively.
  • The percentage of women hired during the lockdown fell while the percentage of men being hired increased.
  • Women over the age of 30 were hardest hit. Of roles that went to people aged over 30, some 62% of the successful applicants in April were male and just 38% were female. 

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