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BUSINESS NEWS - UK - Recruitment costs jump for 75% of hiring managers amid talent drought

Posted 22nd September 2021 • Written by •

Three quarters of hiring managers in the UK report that the cost of recruiting workers has increased since January this year, as businesses compete to secure skills amid acute talent shortages. This is according to research from job board,

The research also found that hiring expenditure had decreased for 8% of survey respondents, while the remaining 17% have not yet witnessed any notable change.

The research also supports Office for National Statistics data which shows average pay growth also jumped 8.8% across the UK for the three months between April and June 2021, representing the highest rise since records began 20 years ago.

Noura Dadzie, VP Sales UK & International Markets at, said, “At a time when skills shortages are evident across the UK, many hiring managers are pumping investment into recruitment activities in the hope that this alone will give them an edge over the competition. However, as the war for talent intensifies, and recruitment strategies evolve, recruitment budgets must be directed in a targeted and effective way for businesses to benefit from any tangible return on this investment.”

“Recruitment budgets must be directed in a targeted and effective way if businesses are to benefit from any tangible return on this investment,” Dadzie added. “Blindly boosting job ads and subscribing to every service offered will not bring candidates through the doors. When talent is so thin on the ground, only the most tactical approaches will penetrate your intended audiences. 

“Talent acquisition professionals must focus on making data driven decisions, so that resources and budgets can be allocated in the most efficient way,” Dadzie said. “It is vital that Applicant Tracking Systems are used effectively, marketing spend should be highly targeted, and the potential of partnership networks needs to be maximised. When your business and the competition are scrambling for the same skills in a talent scarce market, it is crucial that recruitment expenditure is channelled strategically, or else it is effectively being wasted.” 

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