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7 Stress-Buster Tips To Ace Your Job Interview

Posted 28th November 2022 • Written by •

According to Anton Kotelnikov,

Seven Stress-Busting Tips

If you’re trembling at the idea of your upcoming interview, Kotelnikov shared with me seven stress-busting tools to help job seekers manage anxiety and ace the next job interview. He insists that these seven easy anti-anxiety tips will have you nail your next interview and earn that dream job in no time.

1. Breathe

Kotelnikov suggests you try this breathing technique to instantly stabilize your emotions before an interview:

  • Roll the sides of your tongue upwards into a tube or a taco.
  • Stick the end of your tongue in between your pursed lips.
  • Inhale through the tube as if you were sipping air through a straw.
  • Close your mouth and exhale slowly through your nose.

He says that some people find the 4-7-8 breathing effective. For this technique, breathe in for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7, and exhale slowly for 8. Repeat until you feel calmer.

2. Write it out

Kotelnikov recommends that you have a cheat sheet with you and list all of your accomplishments and expertise that are sure to catch their attention and why you would be perfect for the job. Write them down by hand instead of typing them. Handwriting engages several brain areas and helps you retain information better, he explains. While your note will definitely be reassuring, knowing precisely what to say further boosts your confidence during your interview.

3. Talk it out

Chat with your pal before the interview. Studies have shown that talking to someone you trust has therapeutic benefits, Kotelnikov notes, and it can lower stress levels, boost immunity and reduce physical and emotional distress. Not to mention, he adds, you'll get some much-needed encouragement and feedback from your friend.

4. Pump it

“Now don't go leaping all around the room,” Kotelnikov warns, “but if that's your thing, go for it.” Plus, squeezing in some jumping jacks will instantly give you some much-needed endorphins and reduce that anxiety,” he explains. “As a bonus, you'll also get an energy boost (and a few minutes of your mind off the dreaded interview).”

5. Sip it

“The last thing you want is to be revved up on caffeine during the interview and do something stupid like ramble on and on,” Kotelnikov says. “So ditch the coffee and pour yourself a cup of chamomile tea. According to studies, chamomile can help calm your nerves and promote relaxation, which will come in handy during an interview.”

6. Touch it

Touch can deactivate regions of the brain that are active when you're anticipating a stressful event. Kotelnikov believes putting your hands under running water and alternating between warm and cold water every 30 seconds should do the trick. He suggests acupressure as another option: gently apply pressure on a point between your thumb and index finger on each hand (called the LI-4 point) for stress relief.

7. Count it

This simple yet very effective grounding technique can help calm you and give you a sense of control when you're overcome with anxiety. Kotelnikov explains how it works:

Five. Name five things you see around you.

Four. Name four things you can touch.

Three. Name three things you can hear.

Two. Note two things you can smell.

One. Notice something you can taste inside your mouth.

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