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10 ways to connect with nature without leaving your home this spring

Posted 8th April 2020 • Written by •

We may be living under lockdown conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, but outside spring has well and truly arrived. The Wildlife Trusts, a UK movement made up of 46 wildlife charities, has compiled a list of ways to tune into the season from your home.

“Spring has arrived in splendid colour and sound,” said Kirsty Paterson from The Wildlife Trusts. “Over the past few days, hundreds of people have told us that they’ve spotted their first butterflies. These are moments of connection with nature that people find uplifting and comforting.”

Below are 10 family-friendly nature activity suggestions. (There is a downloadable activity sheet for each one – just follow the link within each section.)

1) Make a bird feeder

Stir up some to-hand ingredients and plaster your feeder of choice – whether a pine or a coconut shell – with the tempting mix. Hang it from a spot where you can watch the birds tuck in without disturbing them. Find out more here.

2) Build a hedgehog home

Plywood boards – birch is ideal – can be used to create a “deluxe” hedgehog home, complete with cosy straw, grass or newspaper bedding, and soil and leaves packed around the outside. “Make sure the entrance tunnel faces south,” goes the advice. Get crafty by following the instructions here.

3) Set up a mini nature reserve

A small box, rock, log and some compost are all you need to create a mini nature reserve, according to this tip. Once everything is in place, put the box somewhere like an old bench or near a wall and wait to see who moves in. Plants will hopefully take root and creatures set up home there. (Patience may be required).

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