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Job Tips-positive candidate experience

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Job Tips-Whether a candidate is hired or not it is important to make sure that everyone has a positive candidate experience

Candidates who believe they have had a negative experience of your recruitment process are likely to take their loyalty and product purchases elsewhere. The opposite also applies with a positive experience. Here we look at how to make sure recruitment is not bad for business and delivers an excellent candidate experience.

In a world where customer experience is everything, can you honestly say that you treat your candidates in the same way as customers and apply the same logic to recruitment that goes towards addressing expectations?

The 2018 Talent Board EMEA Candidate Experience Benchmark Research Report looked at the differences between the top ranked benchmark companies, big and small, and all other participating companies. Those CandE Award winners are shown to:

  • Consistently acknowledge initial job seeker interest and provide definitive closure when no longer pursuing candidates

  • Deliver consistent candidate communication from pre-application to onboarding

  • Ask for candidate feedback and provide feedback more often from rejected candidates as well as new hires

  • Set better expectations about the recruiting process for candidates from application to offer

  • Hold themselves more accountable for the overall recruiting process and resulting candidate experience while measuring it regularly and consistently

  • Be perceived by candidates as having a “fairer” process overall – candidates believe they have been able to share why their knowledge, skills and experience deserves consideration for the jobs to which they have applied

How would candidates, hired or not, rate your recruitment process? Are you running surveys and questionnaires to assess candidates that enable you to gather, monitor and report on feedback throughout the process? Read more about this subject in the e-forms solution for recruiters.

The fact is, people talk to one another about their positive and negative experiences of interaction with a brand or company and recruitment is a prime example of how an employer brand and reputation can sink or swim by a candidates’ experience. Candidates are often customers and if they have received a bad experience it can turn an advocate to a detractor - telling many people along the way.

Imagine the conversation… Did you get the job? No, I got thanks but no thanks. Or even worse, I've not heard a thing. Communication is essential throughout the recruitment process, whether that is by email, text or SMS.

Making improvements to your recruitment process and candidate experience will deliver greater engagement and better quality of hires. Review your candidate experience at each stage; Apply, Screening, Status Updates, Interview, Acceptance, Rejection and Onboarding. Are you clear with candidates on how long an application will take to complete and the next steps? All of these elements help to manage expectations, nurture talent relationships and deliver a solid user experience.

Download the Marston’s case study to learn how they looked at the candidate journey from the initial application stage and mapped out every touch point to deliver more efficient recruitment practices.



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