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Posted 17th May 2019 • Written by TeamJapan •

The Mainichi reports that Company measures to improve employees' work-life balance under Japan's "work-style reform" initiative are spreading, as firms encourage workers with or without heavy family commitments alike to reduce hours on the job. For example, from August 2019, Microsoft Japan Co. will begin a four-day work week trial for all employees. Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management Co. reduced working hours in fiscal 2018 while paying its entire overtime pay savings to employees. By adjusting labour time, the company aims to create an improved working environment where fewer hours are used more efficiently. Although three-day weekends and shortened working hours initiatives are appearing in more industries, most measures remain aimed at those caring for children or elderly relatives. Yoshie Komuro, head of employment consultancy firm Work Life Balance Inc., commented, “If we improve working environments, then employees' quality of life will improve, creating a virtuous cycle for employers.”



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