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INTERVIEW TIPS - Are you sending wrong signals during a Zoom interview?

Posted 5th August 2021 • Written by Stephanie Vozza on •

If you’re looking to nail your next video interview, you need to consider your body language.

Just like meeting face to face, those initial few seconds create a first impression.
And don’t overlook the small talk that can be a good ice breaker.

To create a digital executive presence, Dhawan suggests making sure the camera is level with your eyes. Instead of looking at yourself or the videos of gallery view of others, aim to look into the camera about 60% of the time.  It gives the appearance that you’re looking into the other person’s eyes and can help foster an emotional connection.

While you want to sit up straight, be sure you’re not sitting stiffly in your chair. Authentic body language shows engagement. Lares suggests having the camera back enough so that the interviewer can see your hand gestures.
“A study done around the TED talks found that the best rated speakers used more hand gestures,” he says. “You don’t want to go overboard, but hand gestures add a richness and extra layer of authenticity.”
Also, pay attention to your body movement. For example, leaning in shows you’re interested, so don’t be afraid to move around a bit.
And don’t forget to smile.

Bias can play a factor when it comes to your video background.
It should be something simple and pleasant, such as a plant or painting that feels authentic. You want the interviewer engaged with you and not distracted with what’s behind you.

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