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Eddie Izzard undertakes Europe-wide marathon challenge to promote unity

Posted 14th February 2020 • Written by •

This week's Positive News:

The comedian’s bid to run 28 marathons in 28 days is in order to ‘make humanity great again’

Comedian Eddie Izzard is running 28 marathons around European capital cities in a month, in a bid to promote unity and shared humanity across the continent.

Beginning in London on 31 January, Izzard has completed marathons in cities including Lisbon, Madrid, Rome and Athens. He is hoping to raise money for charitable projects that support cultural exchange, foster better understanding and promote “common humanity across Europe”, such as Unicef’s work with child refugees.

“In our country and our world there has been far too much talk of division. We can change this by talking of unity,” read Izzard’s statement.

“As Europeans we have achieved so much since 1945, no matter how legal agreements might have changed over the years. Peace, friendship, trade, even love. A sharing of cultures without losing our identities. That is the true power of union.”

Image: Crowdfunder

Visit Crowdfunder to donate to Izzard’s campaign. 

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